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Debugging SharePoint Projects (Event Receivers, Web Parts, etc.) in Visual Studio 2010 – IIS 7

This post is a tip on how to debug a SharePoint Project in Visual Studio on IIS 7 web server. Obviously, the easiest way is to hit F5 in Visual Studio and start debugging. But, that is not always possible, … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2010 Validation using Javascript

Hi, Recently I had to do a custom validation for a Task Edit form based on task the user is performing. For example, if user chooses to Reject the proposal he needs to enter remarks else the remarks are not … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2010 Filtering Lookup column using JavaScript

Scenario SharePoint 2010 custom list (or a library) with a lookup column and we need to filter the values based on some criteria. This applies to cascading drop-down lists where the target drop-down is a look-up column. A classic example … Continue reading

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