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Act on those broken windows now

“We have found 150 defects in your application, out of which 50 are new, 50 are closed, and 50 are re-opened”. This is typical scenario that lead developers of software development teams face as they near the sprint development cycle. … Continue reading

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C#: Why default fall-through in switch statement is not allowed?

I was working on this particular piece of logic which I saw as a multiple sieve like structure. An if-else statement which would check the value of a number and based on the value, it would also execute the code for all the values less than it. … Continue reading

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SharePoint 2010 State Machine Workflows with Custom Task Forms (InfoPath) using VS 2010 – Part 3 of 3

Introduction In the Part 3 of the tutorial, I will explain the process of sending data from the workflow to the task form (InfoPath). In Part 2 of the tutorial I explained retrieving the data from InfoPath form in the … Continue reading

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Template Id and Template Type mapping

In continuation of the previous post, below is the Template Type and Id mapping Id Template Type 100 Generic list 101 Document library 102 Survey 103 Links list 104 Announcements list 105 Contacts list 106 Events list 107 Tasks list … Continue reading

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